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Private Classes for Transformation & Stress Relief

1-2 participants

Private lessons return yoga to its heart: the goal of personal transformation through personal practice. Starting a yoga practice with a few private sessions can rapidly introduce both a sense of familiarity and ‘easing in’.  It can break down some of the barriers of intimidation and alienation we feel in walking into a group of people we perceive to be ‘better’ at yoga than us, more flexible, more strong, or more confidant.  Working with a teacher who will directly answer any question you might have and who can explain yogic concepts and postures as they apply to you and your body, your lifestyle, your experience is an invaluable gift.

Every class is timed, themed, sequenced for you, for your goals, and with your adaptations in mind. These sessions are tailored support for building a home yoga practice and ongoing study. Whether you're facing a particular challenge, need a boost of inspiration and encouragement or just want to dive in, you'll be amazed at how deep you can go when a practice is designed just for you.

Yoga sessions include asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, and other trainings, based on your interest and the flow of the teachings.

What do private lessons cost?
Private lessons often range from $30-$60 per session depending on your financial needs and the experience level of the teacher.

Where do private lessons take place?
Depending on the preferences of the student and the teacher, private lessons can take place at Haven Yoga Studio or at another location.

Next steps:

If you’re interested in crafting a yoga practice that is perfectly your own, click the link below to schedule your free consultation. During your hour long chat we will get to know each other and discuss your needs/goals/pricing. 

Group Lessons

Classes for Team Building & Stress Relief

3+ participants

Are you and your friends, family, co-workers or employees interested in adding more yoga to your life?  Refresh yourself and the people in your life with a custom designed yoga class held at our beautiful studio or other location of your choice. Interested? Fill out the form below.