Lauren Roberts

Yoga Teacher

My own yoga journey has been a constant reminder of the truth, and of how I can show up most powerfully for justice and the wellbeing of all people (much of the time, this means listening and getting out of the way). While working in politics in 2013, I completed Yoga District’s 200-hour teacher training in Washington, DC, and joined Off the Mat, Into the World the following year for an intensive training on trauma-informed yoga service and activism. In 2015, inspired by the work of Kerri Kelly, I founded INDY YOGA VOTES, a movement bridging Indy’s yoga community with civic engagement and social action. After the 2016 election, I started working with Kerri on her start-up, CTZNWELL, to organize the 50 million Americans who care about wellness to extend their values beyond yoga studios and organic grocery stores by voting and actively dismantling systems of oppression.

Outside of yoga, my capacity-building and communications work amplifies and elevates leaders and organizations who share my values. But more than anything else, it’s the practice of yoga that reminds me of what’s possible when we connect to our truest selves, with each other, and with the world. 

My classes are both challenging and restorative, always aiming to be radically welcoming and leave students feeling connected when they leave.

I teach yoga because I want to help heal the collective and individual trauma that we all carry with us. I see my role as creating conditions for students to feel safe, find community, and ultimately make the world as it should be - that’s what Haven means to me.