Jacki Mac

Yoga Teacher

I come from a lineage of women who exhibited great strength and resilience. My grandmother brought her 8 young children out of war torn Vietnam with the clothes on their backs and $20 to her name. My mother and one of her aunts are survivors of breast cancer. Several women in my family are survivors of domestic violence. Because the blood of these amazing women runs through my veins, I believe it to be part of my duty to share this strength in service of others.

When not teaching yoga, I am strengths-based social justice educator, scholar, and trainer who deeply believes in the power and potential of individuals and organizations to bring positive social change to the world. My life’s work focuses on the intersection of identity, education, and institutional transformation. I hail from Chicago. I am a first generation student with degrees in psychology, Asian American Studies, and student affairs. I am also pursuing my doctorate in higher education at Indiana University.

In 2011, after the painful end of a relationship, I discovered that a regular yoga practice led me on a path towards healing through peace, centeredness, and breath.

I specialize in teaching power, vinyasa, restorative, and spiritually oriented classes. My classes are a mix of fun, focus, and freedom; I give clear verbal cues, provide a bit of laughter, and offer optional hands-on assists. I am intentional in my use (or not) of music. I completed my 200- hour yoga teacher training with the Buddha B Yoga Center in Washington, DC in May 2014.

My yoga mat, practice, and my breath became my haven. I hope to bring this haven to others, especially those who give a lot of themselves to others and those who have survived pain or trauma.