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Studio Build Out Fundraiser

Haven Yoga Studio is a new Indianapolis yoga space where people of different identities can gather, cultivate community, and practice together. We seek to center black women and other marginalized groups without a dedicated safe space to explore and practice yoga and access holistic health services.

Our work at Haven is to be another home for our community members and practitioners.

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The studio is led by Charlie M. Redd, a black woman yogi entering her 8th year of practice and 3rd year of teaching. She is 200-hour level certified in socially just yoga practices through Yoga District in Washington D.C.

The space is community funded and collaboratively run by fully vetted, experienced, and equitably paid instructors prioritizing cultural mindfulness and humility.  

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Haven is located at 42nd and Boulevard in Indianapolis, a buzzing intersection in the heart of Butler-Tarkington neighborhood that serves as a hub for black entrepreneurship and community-led development. Our building neighbors are all black-owned businesses including Play Maker Barber Shop, Be Bella Company, Pro-Ink Studios, and Urban Social.

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Many yoga studios in Indianapolis suffer from what is known as implicit bias. Studio owners, instructors, and practitioners in the area are primarily white, heterosexual, thin and able-bodied women with disposable income. People of marginalized identities often feel unconsidered, uncomfortable, and unwelcome in these yoga spaces due to a number of reasons.  

Haven is for people who have been othered in traditional yoga spaces. We want you to feel at home, healthy, and whole in your body and in the community we share. Haven rejects the standard one-class-fits-all model. We design classes and curate yoga practices to meet your needs and self-determined goals.

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Haven Yoga Studio offers:

  • Affordable drop-in rates

  • Monthly memberships

  • Events and Workshops on a variety of health and wellness topics

  • Pay-it-forward program for low-income and cash-poor people

  • Specialized group classes (i.e. black women, trans and nonbinary people, elders)

  • Frequent and free community classes

We build partnerships with local community organizations like Flanner House, To Indy With Love, Center of Wellness for Urban Women and more to bring health and wellness resources and services to our community members

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In September, we signed a long-term lease for Haven Yoga Studio. And we need your help to make Haven a reality. We are raising $10,000 to build out a safe and comfortable space during the month of September, and anticipate opening to the public in early to mid-October.

The following needs will be met by your donations:

Studio Buildout Costs: $7500

Yoga Props: $1500

Furniture and Supplies: $1000

There are four ways to support Haven Yoga Studio!

1. Donate to our build-out fund.

2. Find a person or organization to match the donations we receive

3. Share our campaign with everybody AND your Mama via Facebook, instagram, email, twitter, whatever connects you. 

4. Prepay for your classes in the form of a donation and come join us for classes and events! YOU are apart of our community. Help us to cultivate a community driven wellness space in Indy that is affirming and inclusive.

You can help us make this campaign grow by:

Telling people we exist . . . all of our marketing is through word of mouth and social media! <3

Donations of any amount and all pledges are deeply appreciated and directly benefit the Haven build-out fund.

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