Charlie's Playlist of the Month- March 2018


Hello Lovely People!

The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful today in Indianapolis. I felt inspired to open my windows (for the first time in months!) and let delicious musical sounds encompass my apartment. I made a few new playlists for my yoga classes this week and decided to make an extra one to share.

I've been asked constantly since I started teaching yoga to share the music that I play in class, well here ya go! I have decided to share a playlist every month to help move and inspire you through the month. There will be songs that I am using in class  Feel free to use the playlist for your home yoga practice, workout routine, driving around your city. . . .what ever's clever. When I upload the new playlist it will show up on the homepage for this website. Feel free to follow me on Spotify to refer back to (and save) any songs for your own collection. Let me know what your faves are AND please shoot me ideas of other songs to add later (I love hearing new music :)

Much love,

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