Hi, My name is Charlie!

I am a Yoga Activist and Fitness Instructor.

I started my Yoga practice in 2011, because I thought it would be a great workout for me as a former student of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. What I thought was just exercise turned out to be so much more. Yoga has taught me to be patient and gentle, how to check in mentally and physically, and the importance of breathing through the good and the bad. The lessons that I learn on my mat are ones that I apply not only to my physical yoga practice but also to my everyday life. Through my yoga practice, I can continue to “do the work” to be the best person that I can.

My time as an Americorps Public Ally, sparked my passion for creating affirming and inclusive spaces for marginalized groups. Popular yoga and fitness culture often does not cultivate inclusive environments for people of color, people with disabilities, people with round bodies, people of different gender expressions, the LGBTQ+ community, people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. As a community organizer and activist with a passion for social justice, I see the dire need for spaces that actively address inequities and are welcoming to all people. My identity and personal experience drive my passion for creating healthy and affirming environments for all people.

Everyone has the capability to live healthfully but not everyone has access to the programs and education to show them how to do it. In regards to minority populations, there are very few programs that seek to inform about and facilitate healthy lifestyle choices in the community. I have heard time and time again, from people in community spaces that they know yoga can be great for them but they cannot afford it. I have made it my mission to teach a yoga and fitness that meets them where they are monetarily and physically.

In my free time, I enjoy randomly dancing, reading, and supporting the local arts scene in Indianapolis.  I am also a founder of  a grassroots organization called Shehive that is about creating safe spaces of healing and growth for women of color. We hold workshops and events to educate, support, and uplift women in the Indianapolis community.